About Us

 My name is Helen Linden and I have been preserving memories for over 27 years.

 I believe that in this  fast paced and ever changing technological world, personalization is becoming a thing  of the  past. Years  ago I was looking for a way to preserve my son’s shoes other than bronzing. I wanted  to have the shoes  seen with the scuffmarks and color – something that the bronzing process would cover  up.

 At the time I was using a high gloss sealant on another art design and decided to apply the same  technique to the  shoes…and so Clear Preservations was born.

 The word “person” in personalization is a key factor to my approach in Clear Preservations. I consult with  my clients  to create what they want in preserving their precious memories.

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 I consider Clear Preservations a “labor of love” in the sense that I give special attention to each order  received – as  if they were my own keepsake. In addition, I love what I do!

 My philosophy is providing top quality and exceptional customer service. My integrity, experience and  craftsmanship are reflected in every order I preserve.

 The best fulfillment that I receive is keeping a person’s memories alive for future generations to enjoy. Each of us is unique and we all have our own individual story that we share with those we love.

In my own way, I preserve a chapter of a person’s history to be retold and remembered…for always.