Bronzing vs Clear Preservations
ClearPreservations vs Bronze

Are you seeking an alternative method of preserving your precious items other than bronzing?
We have the clear solution!

Introducing a new concept in baby shoe preservation other than bronzing - the clear way! Clear Preservations uses a modern technique as an alternative to bronzing your baby's shoes or other memorabilia.

Your child's first steps are special memories that are meant to be relived. Unlike bronzed baby shoes, our clear method displays all the color and details of your baby's shoes from scuffmarks to laces.

Our high quality clear sealant is extremely durable. It won’t peel, crack and is unbreakable. Our process protects your special keepsakes from decomposing so that they are preserved for many years.

In addition to children's shoes, we also preserve sport memorabilia, pet mementos and other items.

Special requests are our specialty! Call us today for a quote.

  •  “What a wonderful job! The shoes were adored by my son’s family especially my 6 year old grandson!” Lynda S. – Middleburgh, N.Y.
  • “Great job, exceeded our expectations! Shoes really look great on display in our living room” Tina Herrmann – Kaiserslautern, Germany
  • “I loved my son’s shoes – They’re beautiful and I couldn’t be happier” Jennifer Thomas , Hollywood, CA
  • “I love the fact that I was called when my shoes were received – great customer service!” Karen Yates, Pflugerville, TX
  • “I’m so happy that I’m able to see the details of my daughter’s shoes – they are absolutely beautiful!” Jen Driscoll, Center Valley, PA
  • “Clear Preservations is a wonderful way to experience the past” Brian Aldrich, Winona, MN

 So protect and preserve your memorable items today with Clear Preservations…the Clear way to preserve your memories!